Carlo Besasie

Well this is unfair because I’m Sicilian, and I make a much better impression in person than I do through a web site bio. You can’t see my hands as you read this, so how could  you possibly understand what I am talking about? I will do my best given this handicap.

The norm is making sure I have populated this with SEO friendly phrases like “adept storyteller”, and “Emmy award-winning,” but I’m from the Midwest and any semblance of bragging is frowned upon. For those of you who like the details: I am a commercial director with an extensive range of genre and technique, from highly-stylized pieces, to drama and comedy, with a focus on production value throughout. I’ve worked nationally and abroad for the last two decades after having graduated with honors with a BFA in Film.

The bottom line is that I am passionate about visualizing stories and capturing the magic in cinematic moments  — moments that need to be expressed memorably and phrased with careful thought as to how the narrative speaks to, connects with, and motivates the audience. For me that emotional connection is the most important part of visual storytelling. Some brilliant philosopher (Plato?) once suggested that without emotion, nothing is learned.

So there you have it. Bio done, and I even quoted a famous historical figure. I’ll finish by answering three key questions: Am I collaborative? Absolutely. Am I going to do whatever it takes to deliver a great piece? You can bet the farm on it. Has this bio gone on entirely too long? Most definitely. So instead, let’s talk about how we can tell a great story together.

Some of my clients: Toyota, HBO, BBC, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, Kohl’s, Harry & David, Miller Coors, Northwestern Mutual, ESPN.